2015 Zero Waste Resolutions Revisited


Setting goals is awesome.  Reaching them is even better!  But wanna know where you can bank some serious personal growth?  Figuring out why you failed at other goals.  So I humbly attempt that today.

So what’s my score for my 2015 Zero Waste Resolutions?

Oh!  60%!  Otherwise known as a D-.  That’s nice.

I know why I succeeded at Learn to Make Protein Bars and Approach Fast Food about Cups.  These goals were simple, specific and success was easily measurable.  All I had to do was make effort in one direction without much forethought or logistics.  We Transitioned Out of Diapers too, but that was more passing a developmental stage I can’t really take credit for.  That was all Baby #2.

So why didn’t I Meal Plan or Grocery Shop on a Designated Day?  It’s a pretty specific goal, seemingly simple too – pick a day, meal plan.  Success is measured as “Yes” or “No”.  This guy has all the characteristics of an achievable goal.  So what happened?  As it turns out, a whole bunch of things common to failed goals:  procrastination, distraction, too many other goals (not listed here).  I think ultimately I didn’t commit to the goal because I found it hard enough with two kids and a job to find a few minutes to myself and when I did, the last thing I wanted to do was think about meals.  At great expense, financially, physically and environmentally.  Boo to that!

And Pay Attention to what I Buy?  Well, I actually did pay attention to what I purchased.  The problem is I still purchased things that weren’t Zero Waste and then just felt bad about it.  Eco guilt can be helpful if used in the immediate future for change.  Instead, for most of 2015, it became eco emotional baggage that dragged on to me like two kids on a last-minute, suppertime-grocery run.

So what does this mean for 2016?  How will I do with my new resolutions?  I’m going to ROCK them of course!  I’m already working to design a new webpage, have refused a few straws, and haven’t purchased store-bought cookies all year (wait, no – there was the one time, Damn!).  I haven’t yet perfected some veggie side dishes – but I’ll take some recommendations!

February 2, 2016

About Me

About Me

I’ve been passionate about combatting blind consumerism since 2008 and joined the Zero Waste movement by starting this blog in 2013, soon after my second child was born. I think it might have been trying to unwrap a toy or someone’s attempt to sell me a butt-wipe warmer that put me over the edge… read more



  1. Inge

    The meal planning thing! I hear ta! We were great in meal planning from January till May, and the baby number two came. Since then I wish I'd manage to do this again. It took some time to prep the plan for the week but actually it saved even mor time since I didn't have to run to the store 4-5 times a week.
    Great reminder! I'll add this to my goals list 🙂

  2. zerowastemommy

    And at worse, not having dinners planned can lead to eating out – so much eco, health, financial guilt with that one! Let me know if you come up with any tips!


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