Clean a Showerhead in 4 (or 11) Steps


At one time I wanted to write a post about Zero Waste Spring Cleaning.  But I slowly came to realize that the only Spring Cleaning I would ever do again in my life is taking all the Girl Scout cookie boxes to the recycle center.

So instead I decided to clean off the mineral deposits on my showerhead.  Easy, right?

Step 1.   Remove showerhead.

Yah.  This thing has been through more renters than a grey, mid-sized domestic sedan.  It ain’t budging.

Step 1.  Figure out how to remove showerhead.

Well, I don’t have lime remover or WD-40, but I do have vinegar and a dish cloth.  I attached the cloth with some rubber bands and poured white vinegar over it for a few hours until I could get a turn.

Step 1.  Remove showerhead.

Step 2.  Soak showerhead in vinegar.

I used a coffee cup because it seemed like the best way to fully immerse the showerhead while using the least amount of vinegar.  I sunk the showerhead with a random fixture my oldest found under the sink in the bathroom.

Step 3.  Find plastic baggie, fill with vinegar and attach to showerarm.

Hmmm…  I don’t seem to have those in the house anymore.

Step 3.  Find a plastic baggie alternative.

Ah…I do have an old bag of red quinoa that a friend gave to me when she moved out of town.  I’ll need to save this though, for the recipe on the back, because I certainly don’t know what to do with red quinoa.

Step 3.  Find plastic baggie, fill with vinegar and attach to showerarm.

I left the baggie on overnight.

Step 3.  Slap forehead for not showering BEFORE working on blog pictures.

I also did not shower that night.

Step 4.  Reassemble shower fixture.

Step 4.  Or, brush fixtures with old toothbrush, THEN reassemble.

Step 4.  Shower, thoroughly wash coffee cup, and figure out what on earth people do with red quinoa.

March 31, 2015

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About Me

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  1. IronMike

    Nice! We love white vinegar for cleaning. Very handy.

    Red quinoa, or any quinoa for that matter, no thanks.


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