Zero Waste Step #Bonus: Clip your Toenails. Save your Socks.


This post is part of my “5 Steps to Zero Waste You Can Start NOW” series.

I asked for help the other day.  I was trying to find a pair of socks that would last a long time.  In one Facebook group I received 62 selfless responses.  But one that stood out was this:

I had NEVER thought about that before.  But guess where my socks always fail?  Right above that pudgy toe.  

I think it makes total sense that by keeping the top of your pudgy toe soft (trimmed nails) instead of sharp (toenail longer than the edge of the toe) you reduce wear on your socks.

What a “duh!” moment for me.

And even though I ended up buying socks with a lifetime guarantee, it doesn’t mean I WANT them to have to send me another pair, right?  So off to our Sunday night “primp” party in the bathroom.

January 15, 2021

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About Me

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