Zero Waste(ish) Coloring Books

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Have you seen these new coloring books for adults?  If you’ve waited at a grocery store checkout lately, you probably have.  And like all the candy, chapstick and unloaded gift cards that also grace that temptation station, my daughter wants one.

But I won’t buy her one.  Because once you give in, you know you’ll have fend off future requests for the next decade or so.

Plus, I just discovered you can print your coloring books – for free!

1.  Google “(insert animated character of choice) coloring pages.”

2.  Set some rescued half-used pages in the printer.  I use junk mail that I can’t seem to turn off and my oldest’s schoolwork.

Zero Waste printer paper.

3.  Hit print.


4.  Add kid.  Preferably with some crayons you rescued from a child-friendly restaurant.


Et Voilà!  

April 5, 2016

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About Me

I’ve been passionate about combatting blind consumerism since 2008 and joined the Zero Waste movement by starting this blog in 2013, soon after my second child was born. I think it might have been trying to unwrap a toy or someone’s attempt to sell me a butt-wipe warmer that put me over the edge… read more


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  1. IronMike

    If you get too much junk mail, do what I do:

    I take all their mailings, all that'll fit anyway, and put it in their postage-free envelope and mail it back to them. That way they have to pay the postage (haha) and get their crap back.

    Oh, and I don't send back any part of the mailing that has my name on it.

    You can also fill those envelopes with shred. That's fun too.


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